Joel Remmel


Joel Remmel (b 1989) is one of the brightest pianists of the younger generation on the Estonian jazz scene. He has been an active part of the Estonian music community for about fifteen years, having led his own group Joel Remmel Trio since 2011. Productive collaborations with many jazz musicians from Estonia and abroad have resulted in over 40 album recordings and numerous live performances. Currently he is working with Janno Trump Clarity Ensemble, Liisi Koikson & Joel Remmel duo, Anna Kaneelina, Raivo Tafenau Quartet and many others. Joel takes part in Estonian Drama Theatre's play “Lehman Brothers”, both on stage and with compositions, performing in trio with Heikko Remmel and Ahto Abner.

Joel believes in beauty! It is one of the keywords describing his work as a musician and composer. Not the fading glimpses of glamour but beauty through different forms that can have a deep and dignifying effect on a person. Joel’s main goal is to share this through his works in the musical field and in life in general.

Joel received a Master’s degree from Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, graduating from the jazz department in 2014. Besides numerous workshops in Estonia and abroad, Joel studied in the Academy of Music and Drama of Gothenburg University during 2011–2012. In 2020 Joel received “Jazz Musician of the Year” award and year later, Joel Remmel Trio won the “Jazz Ensemble of the Year” title. Trio’s last album “Kevad” received “Jazz Album of the Year” award in 2022. In the fall of 2013 and beginning of 2014 Joel toured with European Jazz Orchestra, giving ten concerts in eight countries. Baltic, Scandinavian, European and Chinese audiences have enjoyed Joel’s piano playing with Joel Remmel Trio, Raivo Tafenau Quintet, Carrot Lights and Kadri Voorand Group.

In addition to music, Joel is also fond of football. He plays in the IV league of Estonian Football Championship, in the amateur team Tallinn FC Reaal. His voice can also be heard on many Estonian Premium League matches, where he gives live commentary for the sports portal of the Estonian Public Broadcasting.


Ensembles & Recordings

Joel Remmel

“Vaimustav Looja” (2023)

“Live at Taff Club” (2020)


Joel Remmel Trio

Joel Remmel Trio feat Liisi Koikson, Jukka Eskola & Aleksander Paal - “Kevad” (2021)

Joel Remmel Trio & Jukka Eskola - “Puhkus” EP (2020)

Joel Remmel Trio & Aleksander Paal - “Sügis” EP (2020)

“Sharp” (2019)

“Some Things Never Change” (2016)

“More Than Fishermen” (Paw Marks Music, 2014)

“Lumekristall” (Paw Marks Music, 2012)


Liisi Koikson & Joel Remmel - “Põimumised” (2023)

Kaspar Kalluste - “Humanoid” (2023)

Janno Trump Clarity Ensemble - “Up North” (2022)

Liina Saar - “Püüdmata tunne” (2022)

Kalle Pilli Quintet - “Lantau” (2022)

Lehman Brothers Jazz Trio - “Lehman Brothers” (2021)

Raivo Tafenau & Tallinn Chamber Orchestra - “The Same Differences” (2020)

Mingo Rajandi Quintet - “To Be” (2020)

Marianne Leibur - “Marianne Leibur & Ansambel” (2019)

Ramuel Tafenau - “Gather Around” (2019)

Tiit Kalluste - “Midnight Sun” (2019)

Liina Saar - “Õhtulaulud” (2019)

Anna Kaneelina - “Anna Kaneelina” (2019)

European Jazz Orchestra

“2013 - Live in Stockholm with Ann-Sofi Söderqvist” (2014)


Earlier releases:

Peep Kallas Trio - “Kannatlikkus” (2018)

Matthew Hyde Quintet - “Nordic Blues” (2017)

Hedvig Hanson - “Talvine soojus” (2017)

Elletuse - “Ilu sõitis jõge pidi” (2017)

Veronika Portsmuth - “Fääri laulud” (2017)

“Estonian Jazz Meets Opera” (2016)

Laura & Joel Remmel - “No Moon At All” (2015)

Hele Kõrve - “Eluhõiked” (2015)

Laura Junson & The Jeth - “Laura Junson & The Jeth” (2015)

Carrot Lights - “Carrot Lights” (Nu Beat, 2014)

“Liisi Koikson ja Vaikne Esmaspäev” (2012)

Hedvig Hanson Soul Group - “Tants kestab veel” (2011)

Veronika Portsmuth - “Kõikide järvede kuu” (2011)

Laura Junson - “Kodus” (2010)

Maian Kärmas - “Õnneleid” (2010)

Vaimustav Looja

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Liisi Koikson & Joel Remmel – Põimumised

Janno Trump Clarity Ensemble – Up North


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